How to change the world

After watching the horrible things happening around the world one night on the news, a man set in his mind that he would change the world. So in the morning he wrote a letter to the president on everything that needed to be changed. After unsuccessfully reaching him to change the nation and after months of trying to contact him he then started to focus on his state. So he left to find the Senators and rallied outside the buildings on how we can change our state. After unsuccessfully changing their minds he thought, well if I can’t change the nation or the state, I can change my county. So he went to the county with a list of everything that we could change to make our county better, after being shut down at the county building he thought, “well if I can’t change the county, I’ll change my wife.” So the man left for home and made a huge list of everything that the wife was doing wrong with work, and their marriage and kids. After failing at changing his wife he decided to change his kids. So he pulled them out of school one day and  began to tell them how they could be better. After failing at changing his kids that day he left irritated at the situation. So he went home and sobbed at himself in the mirror and thought ” I can never make a change.” At the moment he looked at the mirror and said ” maybe I can change myself.”

And when he began to change himself and his life, he began to change the world!!!

If we want change, we have to produce change in our own life. Bigger thinking, open minds, more compassion, move by need, reach people, and sacrifice for what we believe in.

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